Eric Price

Professional Activities

I am a senior software engineer at Lexis-Nexis where I daily cross the paths of engineers whose pioneering work built a global electronic information resource.

If you've used Lexis-Nexis Xchange, Universe, Academic Universe, Political Universe, or, then you've benefitted from my work creating and supporting a UNIX client/server distributed computing platform as well as SUN SPARC multi-processor intra-process scalability. Actually, if you listen to National Public Radio's All Things Considered or Morning Edition (or even the news media which Lexis-Nexis does not sponsor) you may be benefitting from what I do at work, or at least the efforts of my fellow engineers.

My job with Lexis-Nexis brought me back to my hometown of Beavercreek, OH (Beavercreek High School class of 1973), after working for NCR in Miamisburg, OH; Austin, Texas (as a CAD Software Engineer and technical Liaison for Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation); and NCR/AT&T in Fort Collins, CO (now Symbios) as software architect.

I have over a dozen years experience designing, coding, maintaining, and promoting reusable software and have authored several papers on software engineering (focusing mostly on software reuse), both internally to AT&T as well as at WISR8, Organizational Culture and Behavioral Issues Affecting Software Reuse and WISR9, Production Models Drive Reuse Readiness.

I am interested in the effective and ethical use of technology, and participate in the IEEE Ethics discussion list, as well as seek to improve software development productivity throughout the Miami Valley.

Here is my email at work.

Community Activities

Through my work I've taken an interest in organizational development and Servant Leadership (Greenleaf) in particular. I believe it's important to our region to make better use of these resources. Successful examples of Servant Leadership in include Mead Corp's George Mead and James McSwiney (Bob Greenleaf was a personal friend of the McSwiney's).

A colleague recently brought Hartwick Classic Film Leadership Cases® to my attention; they look excellent, and I hope to add a review soon.

I've also given testimony to the Ohio Legislature (Primary and Secondary Education Subcommittee Of the Ohio House Finance and Appropriations Committee) regarding the difficulties parents face when school districts seek to reduce educational opportunities for students.

I'm particularly concerned with the effective use of high technology in our schools, and am constructing two web sites. The first addresses Ohio's constitutional requirement for state-funded thorough and efficient schools.
The second exposes some of the fads that keep public funds from being used efficiently by public schools. Among these fad's are Beavercreek's proposed middle school philosophy . I'm seeking support from other professionals to identify and expose what David Gelernter has called "toxic quackery," especially the use or miss-use of science and technology.

Here is my email at home.