Beavercreek Transition to Middle Schools

Dr. Sinclair's Presentation to Parents

Summary (Transcript not Available)

Dr. Ronald Sinclair addressed parents at the Beavercreek School Board open forum in November, 1997.

He was selected by the school administration due to his leadership in implementing the middle school concept in the Miami Valley.

Although the forum was videotaped, no tape has been made available for transcription at this time.

However, the gist of his comments was that parents should not expect to understand the literature of professionals in education. Also, since he is a doctor, parents should depend on him much as they rely on a physician or dentist.

Biographical Information

Dr. Sinclair led the transition of Kettering Junior High School to a middle school during his tenure a principal from 1993 to 1996. He came from Huber Heights and was chosen for the principal's position based on his extensive middle school knowledge.

As principal at Kettering Junior High School, he used a grant for staff development to increase parental involvement in student discipline, improve assessment of student's basic skills, and for ways to integrate technology with teaching of basic skills. In addition, sixteen staff members attended the National Middle School Association Conference.

During his last year as principal at Kettering Middle School, four students from the school appeared on the Sally Jessy Raphael show entitled "My Teen's Afraid To Go To School." One of the students had earlier withdrawn from the school rather than submit to continued bullying.

According to the June 6, 1996 Dayton Daily News, Sinclair responded to the broadcast by saying, "The kids found out that if you call this (phone) number you might get a free trip to New York and be on television. So now a second group has gone there."

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