Beavercreek Transition to Middle Schools

Academic Placement Committee Recommendations

  1. The majority of research supports detracking. Special provisions have been made in many schools for advanced courses in math. Some schools also have advanced courses in Language Arts. A minimal amount of leveling is preferable in a middle school. We recommend no leveling in grade 6, a minimal amount of leveling in math in grade 7, and a minimal amount of leveling in math and Language Arts in grade 8.
  2. A pull-out program will be unnecessary as individual needs can be met by a variety of means in a middle school.
  3. Advisory period will include enrichment activities.
  4. The middle school will form instructional teams which through collaboration and cooperation, will be responsible for continually evaluating the social, academic, and emotional needs of students.
  5. Placement testing will be evaluated as needed.
  6. The needs of the academically gifted will be addressed by another committee.

Our committee suggests the above mentioned recommendations be phased in as follows:

Maintain seventh grade instructional teams and current academic levels.
Add eighth grade teams.
Maintain current academic levels.
Intensive staff development and communication to the community.
Develop placement procedure for reduced Language Arts levels.
Minimal leveling in seventh and eighth grade Language Arts (2 levels).
Maintain math levels.
Staff development and communication continue.
Incoming sixth grade: 1 level
Seventh grade: maintain math levels; one level in Language Arts.
Eighth grade: maintain math levels; two levels in Language Arts.
Continue staff development and communication to the community.

See Also: Background Materials provided with the recommendations

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